Commodities for Recycling

 SSWI operates a composting facility in Pigeon Forge, TN where approximately 375 tons of waste is processed daily.  The waste in its entirety is loaded into digesters where 60% of that waste is composted.  The other 40% (approximately 140 tons) known as residuals, is screened off and hauled to an onsite materials recovery system.  This system sorts aluminum, steel cans, and 1-7 plastics.

The aluminum and tins are cleaned through a cleaning system to remove compost debris and baled.  Plastics 1-7 are collected and kept loose.  

Through waste studies, it is determined that SSWI will process the following:

Aluminum Cans (baled) - 6o tons per month; 40,000 lbs truck or rail minimum
Tin Cans (baled) - 120 tons per month; 40,000 lbs truck or rail minimum
1-7 mixed plastics (loose) - 40,000 lbs truck or rail minimum

SSWI is looking for bids for these materials.  The successful proposer will enter into a contract for five years.

For a full RFP, please click here.