Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  If I keep my recyclables in my waste, does SSWI separate and recycle my plastic bottles?
A:  Unfortunately, SSWI  does not separate recycling from the waste stream.  If you want to recycle  your plastics and aluminum, please take them to one of the drop off centers.
Q:  Where are the drop off locations?
A:  In Sevierville, you may take your recyclables to the Public Works Department at 301 Henderson Road.  Here they accept: plastics 1-7, aluminum, tin, mixed paper and cardboard.  Note:  Please  do not include plastic bags from grocery stores or leave the recyclables in bags.  In Gatlinburg, the drop off center is on Hwy 321 just beyond Rocky Top Sports World.  Here they accept:  plastics 1-7, aluminum, tin, mixed paper, cardboard, and used oil.  Note: the center does not accept donations of any kind.  Leaving furniture, clothing, etc. is illegal dumping.  In Pigeon Forge, the recycling drop off center is at 447 Tiger Drive.  This center accepts:  plastics 1-7, aluminum, tin, mixed paper and cardboard.
Q: May I throw away wires, Christmas lights, hoses, etc. into my normal garbage?
A:  No, because all the household garbage goes through large digesters as part of the composting process, these items wreak havoc on the multi-million dollar equipment.
Q:  Is the compost safe to be used on gardens?
A:  Yes, the compost produces from our facility is tested from an independent third party.  Our
      compost is a grade A compost and is safe to use on gardens.
Q:  May I tour the facility?
A:  Absolutely!  We love to show off our innovative ways of processing waste.  To schedule a tour, please fill out the contact form.
Q:  Where can I take my household hazardous waste (HHW)?
A:  Sevier County, in conjunction with TDEC and Keep Sevier Beautiful, collects HHW one day a  year.  The 2018 collection event is Saturday, April 14.